Undergoing Liquidation Already?

Liquidation underway and need help?

If your company is already undergoing liquidation and you are struggling with the process, then you will come out in the best shape. Struggling to grapple with the demands of the Liquidator? For the uninitiated the process can be confusing and not all Liquidators are equal.

Here’s where Liquidation Management can help you.

How to get your best Liquidation outcomes

Liquidation Management will liaise directly with the Liquidator and advocate on your behalf. We handle liquidation issues every day.

We’ll help the Liquidator to:

  • Understand the state of your business
  • Sort out your overdrawn current account
  • Organise the sale of assets.

Filling in the ‘Statement of Affairs’

The first thing your Liquidator is likely to have asked you to do is fill in the Statement of Affairs form. This can seem pretty daunting and can take a lot of time to get right. If you don’t get this right at the start then it could lead to detrimental consequences.

Leave it to us, we know our way around and will help you fill out the Statement of Affairs so that things run smoothly and you get the best outcomes.

Not all Liquidators are equal

You may have a helpful Liquidator or you may not. The Liquidator looks at a large number of things relating to your business and you will have to provide a lot of information and answer many questions. We will keep your Liquidator on-side and make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Contact Liquidation Management immediately to avoid further company distress.

Yet to appoint a Liquidator? Give us a call and get us on board right away. You need to act fast.