What is a Voluntary Liquidation?

A Voluntary Liquidation is the ‘winding up’ of a company by Special Resolution of its shareholders when it is insolvent. Liquidation is a legal state for a company and commences with the appointment of a liquidator.

Appoint Liquidation Management as your Liquidator because you want to emerge from this difficult process in the best possible financial and legal situation.

How Liquidation Management can help your distressed business.

Liquidation Management will wind up your business quickly and effectively, preventing the stress and worry of a drawn out battle.

  • If your company has no assets and has ceased to trade, we can provide a fixed fee solution for the Director/s.
  • If your company has some assets, we can arrange to liquidate the company at no cost to the Director/s.
  • If your company has substantial assets and you would like more control over how these are handled, we can provide a fixed fee solution that is the right fit for the job.

Liquidation Management exclusively handle liquidations.

Liquidation Management provide you with an affordable solution if your company is in financial trouble, because your struggling business is our sole focus.
If a Voluntary Liquidation sounds like the right option for your business, talk to the professionals at Liquidation Management to save time, energy and money and we can start the liquidation process today.

We advise you to act swiftly to avoid getting into further hot water.

Call us for a free, no obligation discussion if you would like further information before you make a decision.

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